Choose a Cookie, and We’ll Tell You Your Zodiac Sign!


Conor Brown

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Choose a Cookie, and We’ll Tell You Your Zodiac Sign!


Thin mints- You’re an Aries. You have no filter, you get angry and then forget why, you’re easily bored, and you will do ANYTHING on a dare! Just like thin mints, an Aries can seem frosty and distant at first, but when you take a bite you taste not only their coolness, but their gooey chocolatey emotions and goodness.

Gingerbread cookies- You’re a Taurus! You just want to cuddle and you’re a homebody! You have an all or nothing vibe, you hate big changes, and you might have a tendency to wear the same outfit everyday. Who else than Taurus, the warm, cuddly, homebody, to represent gingerbread cookies! Gingerbread cookies are reminiscent of family time, and just radiate cozy vibes, just like you!

Chocolate chip cookies- You’re a Gemini! As a Gemini you are charismatic, you use humor as a crutch, you think arguing is flirting, and you know a little about everything. As a well rounded, all around likable person, you must be a chocolate chip cookie! You are a classic, and even if you get old sometimes, there will always be people that appreciate your predictable nature!

Sugar cookies- You are a Cancer! Sensitive, constantly seeking comfort, and forgiving but never forgetting. you take on others’ problems, sometimes when you are already dealing with your own. With your sensitive and giving disposition, you are the classic sugar cookie! People come to you for comfort and crave your sweetness!

Macarons- You’re a Leo! The fifth sign in the zodiac, and one of the boldest! You exude warmth and creativity, you are a little vain, with a big personality. Your whole life, you have wanted to stand out, and you are interested in a luxury lifestyle! As an exclusive, luxury person, you need an exclusive, luxury cookie to represent you. That cookie is the macaron! Macarons are beautiful, bittersweet, and have a rich, delicious taste, just like a leo!

Snickerdoodle- You are a Virgo! You have a need to feel useful, you always have a quick fix for everything, and you’re judgemental, but always have good intentions. You have a million ideas per second, and your mind is constantly working. As the quick-fix, classically nice person you are, you deserve a cookie that fits the same criteria. A snickerdoodle is the cookie for you! They are sweet, unique, and a cookie that will make you want to come back for seconds, just like you, leaving people wanting more!

Brookies- You’re a Libra! As a Libra, you hate being alone, you naturally have really good aesthetics, you avoid conflict, are indecisive, and you see every side of a situation. As an indecisive person with many conflicting traits, it only makes sense that the cookie for you is a mix of two, a brookie!

Red velvet cookies- You are a Scorpio! Your primary emotion is betrayal, you are always fine with comfortable silence, and people are never sure if you’re joking or serious. You have the kind of eyes that stare into your soul, and make a person thing. You are mysterious, deep, and rich, just like a red velvet cookie!

M&M cookies- You’re a classic Sag! With no indoor voice, you form your opinions off of emotions, obsessed with self-improvement, and are always the friendliest person at the party. You have a big personality, with big traits, and because of this you are an M&M cookie! Everyone loves to see you when they walk into a room, and they can’t wait to devour your enigmatic presence!

Peanut butter cookies- You’re a Capricorn! The 10th sign, the mom of the friend group. You are motivated by duty, you take a while to warm up to people, and you repress emotions that interfere with your success. As a hesitant, loving person, you are a peanut butter cookie. Reliable, comforting, and loved by most.

Oatmeal raisin cookies- You’re an Aquarius! As an Aquarius, you actually believe conspiracy theories, you’re more in love with humanity than individuals, and you always feel like an outcast. You are also purposefully esoteric (likely to be understood by only a small group of people). You are an oatmeal raisin cookie, reserved at first, and underrated, but when people get to know you they realize your enormous value!

Fortune cookies- Then you’re a Pisces! Being a Pisces, you think everything is a sign, you’re excessively romantic, and prone to fantasies. You have no boundaries, and sometimes figuring out how to draw a line is difficult for you. You are unpredictable, but in the best way, just like a fortune cookie!