Which Reindeer Are You Quiz

Take this quiz and find out!


Norman Tsui

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Keep track of your responses to find out which of Santa’s reindeer you are most like!

1: What is your favorite color?

A: yellow

B: white

C: blue

D: green

E: orange

F: pink

G: gray

H: purple

I: red

2: Do you play, or enjoy a sport?

A: tennis

B: baseball

C: golf

D: basketball

E: swimming

F: cheer

G: volleyball

H: football

I: none/ other

3: If you could only eat one food everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: fries

B: pizza

C: mac n cheese

D: burger

E: pasta

F: suchi

G: chicken

H: steak

I: desserts

4: If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?

A: social

B: big hearted

C: smart

D: center of attention

E: selfless

F: welcoming

G: creative

H: adventurous

I: shy

5: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

A: Bahamas

B: Greece

C: italy

D: Switzerland

E: Mexico

F: Canada

G: Australia

H: China

I: Hawaii

6: What is your favorite animal?

A: tiger

B: swan

C: monkey

D: lion

E: dog

F: sloth

G: zebra

H: elephant

I: giraffe

7: What is your favorite Holiday Movie?

A: The Grinch

B: Home Alone

C: Christmas Vacation

D: Die Hard

E: Polar Express

F: Jack Frost

G: A Christmas Story

H: Christmas Chronicles

I: Elf

Pick your Christmas tree aesthetic:

A: White “snowed on” tree – plain, no lights. Let’s the natural beauty of the tree shine through.

B: Rainbow! The more colors the better – who cares if you can tell it’s not a real tree?

C: Lights and poinsettias; classy but spiced up.

D: White tree, blue ornaments – chic and modern.

E: Pink! Because, why not?

F: Traditional tree, with beautiful warm yellow lights. No ornaments – less is more!

G: Shabby Chic – White tree with rustic decorations – lots of red and black/white buffalo plaid.

H: The Classic – Natural tree, lights, tinsel, and gold and red ornaments. A true family tree.

I: Larger than life – traditionally decorated, but not a tree for an average living room; this tree is meant to be seen.

That’s it!

To tabulate your answer, see which letter you got the most of! If you get more than one, that’s okay too!

Congratulations! You are most like…..

Mostly A Dasher- Social, athletic, caring, happy, and energetic.

Mostly B Dancer: Loves to party, big heart, and happy.

Mostly C Prancer: Smart, spontaneous, punctual, and loving.

Mostly D Vixen: Loves to be the center of attention and funny.

Mostly E Comet: Loves to give back, caring, and selfless.

Mostly F Cupid: Social, friendly, loves to party, and welcoming.

Mostly G Donner/Donder: Creative, opinionated, selfless, and social.

Mostly H Blitzen: Adventurous, energetic, and finishes what she starts.

Mostly I Rudolph: Loves to travel, shy, selfless, and a leader.