Film Review: A Boy Called Christmas


Samira Rahi

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Spoiler Alert – don’t read any further if you don’t want anything spoiled! (You were warned!)

A Boy Called Christmas is a children’s film that was released on November 26th, 2021. The film was directed by Gil Kenan, and is set in the snowy north of Finland.

The film is about a boy named Nikholas and the journey he goes on to find his father, who left to find “hope” in order to restore hope for the people of his kingdom, but has not yet returned.

Once Nikholas finds a map entailing the directions to get to Elfhelm – a place of pure happiness and joy, which he believed to only be in the bedtime stories his mother told him – he knows that is where he must go to find his father.

Nikholas befriends a mouse, Miika, who accompanies him on his journey to find Elfhelm. Nikholas also is accompanied by a reindeer, who he names Blitzen, after Nikholas finds him injured and in need of help. This unlikely trio make their way to Elfhelm. I won’t spoil anything else for you, in case you’re thinking of watching it.

This film is bittersweet and wholesome for any one who watches it. I recommend it to everyone because the storyline is easy to follow and has a great ending. This film is a Christmas movie and tells the origin story of “Father Christmas”. Fire it up with family, friends, or even just by yourself – it’s worth the watch.