Boy’s Basketball Update


Nicki Ragan

The varsity boys basketball team has started the 2021 season impressively.

The boys basketball team is kind of in a slump right now, with the season sitting at 2-5. The Patriots could be making a comeback with their most recent game – a win – against Sunlake. What isn’t in a slump is the team’s morale – in talking with The Patriot Press the team expressed that they “need to figure some stuff out and get on the same page,” but that they don’t anticipate it to be a problem going forward. They should be able to bounce back and win some games.

Some feel that the momentum from the next few games could give them all a confidence boost.

Tre Lockett thinks that “playing with energy, and not playing scared” would really help the team become more successful, and give them a higher chance of winning games.

Logan Siemet said that the team needs to work on “communication, ball movement, and defense”.

We can’t wait to watch their comeback next semester! Let’s fill the stands and support our Patriots.