Venom Sequel Does Not Disappoint


Felix Mooneeram

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

(Spoiler Alert!)

After the success of the movie Venom, it was decided to make a 2nd movie – Venom: Let There Be Carnage – and it wasn’t that bad of a sequel. There was a change in directors from the first to second movie – from Ruben Fleischer to Andy Serkis. It looks like this time around Serkis was focused a little more on the comedic aspects of the movie, instead of focusing on, and developing, the character of Venom.

Getting into the movie, Eddie Brock starts to accept his Venom side, and starts to learn how to live with it. As Eddie attempts to bring his career back he decides to interview Cletus Kasady – a serial killer also infected with a deadly co-existent.

The film contains a lot of talking between Eddie and Venom, making the movie a lot more interesting. Venom is constantly hungry for brains, and Eddie has to learn how to attend to his demands. The movie also gives side characters some time throughout the movie, but doesn’t do them enough justice versus the previous Venom film – mostly due to the shortened run time. The end of the movie is very entertaining; Cletus Kasady and Eddie Brock face off in their beastly forms.

Compared to the first movie, the CGI that they were using was much better in this fighting scene and throughout the whole movie. All in all, the movie wasn’t bad – and actually made some improvements from the first movie.