How CDS Students Manage Exam Stress

Some signs of stress might be feeling confused, lost touch with friends, feeling moody and low, having trouble making decisions, feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping or getting out of bed, tense muscles of headaches, having a upset stomach or feeling sick, and fidgeting, nail biting, or teeth grinding.

Some people may experience exam stress because they worry they might fail, don’t feel prepared, want to do really well, don’t have much time to study, feel they need to compete with others, or are feeling pressured by their family to receive a good score.

How do CDS students manage their exam stress? Elijah Lopez, a sophomore at Carrollwood Day School, says he manages stress during exams by “spending time with family and trying to take his mind off school.”

Logan Babb, another 10th grader, says he likes to “go outside and play sports” to help manage his stress.
A CDS 11th grader Bryce Battle says he “takes walks and meditates” during exam week.

Issa Jalloh, CDS 11th grader, advises students to “think positive, take breaks, and eat snacks” while studying for exams.

Feeling stressed during exam week is common and there are many ways to reduce it.