Meet the New Head of Upper School: Timothy Walsh


Tim Walsh giving speech

Ava O’Connor

Beginning July 1, Timothy P. Walsh will be the new Head of Upper School. But he also is a Ben and Jerry?s Chocolate Fudge Brownie-loving, science-obsessed, dishwasher-loading pro. For the past five years, Walsh has been working as the Senior School Principal at International School Basel, which is an IB school in Switzerland. As the hiring committee reviewed this and many other points on his resume, some key facts aren?t highlighted in the footnotes; for example, his position on pineapple on pizza and his most-used emoji also matter. (For the record, he believes in pizza without pineapple and the winky face emoji.) Despite not meeting many people on campus, students will soon know lots about Walsh, from his

favorite sports team to his chosen superpower.
In his first few weeks, Walsh will most likely be

found ?talking to students, talking to teachers, talkingtoparents,andtalkingtotheotherschool
l eaders. A f ter al l that l i steni ng, that?s when you can come up with some plans,? Walsh said. After all of his years in IB schools, Walsh has been able to see the importance of ?respecting each other and respecting each other?s time,? and that is the core idea of his disciplinary philosophy. Along with that, he was able to expand his understanding of different cultures, as he has worked in Switzerland and Singapore. ?The most important things that I have learned from the different places I?ve worked, is that there are sometimes really important cultural parts to working in a new place or going to a school in a new place that aren?t obvious,? Walsh said.

Other than Gasparilla and humid summers, a huge part of Tampa?scultureisasportsatmospherethat is currently housing Stanley Cup and Super Bowl Champs. As an alumni of the University of Michigan, Walsh cheers ?for all Michigan sports,? but is willing to show some support to Tampa teams. ?That?s one of the reasons I?m happy for the Buccaneers, because Tom Brady went to Michigan,? Walsh said. ?It?s easy to cheer for the champions.?

Walsh is also looking forward to the vast

restaurant opti ons i n the states. ?A unti e A nne?s pretzels, looking forward to that,? Walsh said. With relatives who frequently visit the area and being able to speak in his primary language, Walsh and his family will fit right in. His daughter and son will be new additions to CDS as well, joining the classes of 2022 and 2024. However, there is much to miss, as Walsh will be leaving behind picturesque mountains and an annual , school -wi de ski week. ?We spend a lot of good quality time together,? Walsh said. ?It?s the together time that I?ll remember the most.?

Soon to be filling an office in the admin suites, CDSwillhaveanewleaderwhoisexcitedto continue current school routines and who also wishes he was a superhero that could turn back time. Walsh may have gotten his master’s in Educational Administration from St. John Fisher College and been a reci pi ent of the Dr. Donal d Edmond Award of Excellence, but CDS is really looking forward to welcoming a native New Yorker who likes to go for runs and wake up early, and who is already committed to the students here. Even for this interview, he willingly drove back to school after hours to get a better wifi signal in order to participate in his first introduction to the Carrollwood Day School community.