More Levels Needed for English Classes

Gabrielle Anderson

As a person whose greatest compani ons were books for a great number of years, literature means a lot to me. When I first came here, I was overjoyed at the inclusive and welcoming environment and their unique and effective approach to grades and schooling. Though there is a lot to love about this school, there was one thing that I felt could be improved upon: the language arts program.

To be fair, the CDS curriculum is one of the strongest that I have witnessed so far. Coming from a person who formerly attended a school with a very strong educational program, this is high praise. Be that as it may, even in amazing programs such as this, there is always room for improvement.

The class that I have taken thus far has been goingfairlywell.Myteacherisdevotedinher efforts to teach the content of her lessons and is able to skillfully portray it to us students, but some of my classmates are less than enthusiasticaboutwhatwearelearning. I love reading, writing, and literature. It’s a passion of mine, but it’s not a passion for everyone. A nd that’s ok. Everyone has thei r niche, and mine is English. I believe that the solution to this problem would be to have different levels of English classes, like what CDShasdonewithmath.

Separating the English language arts classes into levels of challenge would be helpful for all students. Those who are more adept at math-based subjects can take a reading class that fits their comfort level, and those who are more proficient in language arts can take the class level that helps them to excel and reach their full potential. It would be a win for everybody, and I am not the only one who thinks that.

Sophomore Maddie Minati also agrees with this plan. ?It’s hard to have a full conversation about something when only half of the class is actually interested or knows what they are talking about,? she said. ?Having kids [in the class] who care makes a difference.? Minati says that though she believes the CDS English program is very strong, ?if there was a higher level class there would be kids who couldhavereallygooddiscussions,andmove faster through and dive deeper into novels,? which would help to further their education and development in this field.

With the cooperation of both teachers and students, this could be a great thing. Allowing those that excel at English to take classes to reach their full potential would be an amazing addition to an already strong curriculum, one that would make many students happy. This one change could be the inspiration for the next Stephen King.