Lights! Camera! Action! Students win big at film festival

Lauren Smith

Thee first annual Patriot Film Festival was held on Friday, April 30. SteveSpaulding, theDPFilm teacher, alongside Jim Poulin and the class of DMC are to thank for this new tradition. The event was hosted similarly to the Oscars, where students were given the opportunity to submit films to categories. Here is a little information on each of those categories

The first category, Color and Light, encouraged the students to mainly focus on cinematography. They were judged on their ability to tell a story using only color and light. Lauren Danielson won this category with her film, ?Breakfast in America?.

For the second category, Scene recreation, the students recreated a scene from a film or a comic book panel. They were judged on accuracy in all elements; scripts, composure, and editing. Chloe Munyon won this category with her film ?Uzumaki,” a recreation from a comic book panel. In the Sound design category, students chose assigned scene from one of two movies, Blade Runner or Wall-e. Their clip had no sound and they had to rebuild the sound. The winner for this category wasChloeWang.

For the fourth category, ?Is that you??, students were told to build an entire story around the single line of dialogue, ?Is that you?? Those words were the only ones they could use throughout the entire film, and they had to develop an original story and characters around it. The winner for this category was ?Journey? by Parth Madabushi.

For the last category, Short Film, students were given free- range and had to come up with the entire concept of the film. There were a total of 4 different awards that went under this category; best writing, best editing, best direction, and best picture. For the films, the students had to write an original script, complete pre-production, shoot the video, direct talent, and complete post-production (editing, sound design, etc). Chloe Munyon won ?Best writing?, ?Best Direction?, and ?Best Film? with her short film, ?Alley in the Night?. Eric Olson won the ?Best Editing?category withhisfilm?A Dreamer?s Quandary?.