King Richard Serves Up a Tale of Dedication, Family, and Love of the Sport

(Spoilers ahead! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

King Richard is a movie based on the lives of Venus and Serena Williams. Their lives started out living in Compton training on the tennis courts waiting for their moment to shine and live out their dreams.

Richard, Serena and Venus Williams’ father and tennis coach, shapes them into great tennis players putting their commitment and intuition to great use. Throughout this incredible journey, they defy the odds and obstacles that are put in front of them.

I found King Richard as an enjoyable movie to watch that goes into detail about “King” Richard, Venus, and Serena Williams.

Will Smith stars in the titular role as King Richard. His acting performance was amazing, as always.

Throughout the movie, the commitment and dedication of the whole family is emphasized, and gives the viewer insight into the man behind the legends Venus and Serena Williams.

While many people know about his daughters, this film chronicles the efforts Richard took to protect his children and their athletic dreams – including fighting off gangs. The film beautifully digs into the struggles the Williams family faced in the 1990s.

King Richard is a great film for those who are interested in a father’s dedication to bettering the lives of his children, and anyone interested in tennis. Visually engaging with stand out acting performances leaves King Richard on the short list for “must watch”.