Sing 2 Review


Markus Winkler

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Attention Patriots! Spoilers ahead!


Sing 2 began the way the first movie left off, with the cast of characters performing a musical at the Moon Theater. It is clear that they have been successful in their career aspirations.

During the opening performance, Mr. Moon looks out for an important talent scout who he believed would make an appearance. It is the chance they have all been waiting for –  Mr. Moon wants to make his small town-show big enough to go to the city, and he believes the talent scout can help them. 

When Mr. Moon realizes the scout was attempting to leave the show, he chases her down and tries to convince her to stay longer. Rejected by the talent scout, Mr. Moon attempts to pursue her on his bicycle in a last-ditch effort to convince her of the quality of their show.

All at once, Mr. Moon’s dream of performing in Redshore City are dashed. 

Or so we think.

Mr. Moon and the ensemble cast hatch and successfully execute a plan to sneak into the office of a big-time director in an effort to force him to watch their audition. It was a big risk, but they were given the opportunity to perform in front of everyone in Redshore City! 

There’s only one small problem: they secure their spot in Redshore City by promising Clay Calloway would make a cameo appearance. The problem? They don’t actually know him.


Along with a minor mishap (Mr. Moon may or may not accidentally fire the boss’ daughter from the performance which results in the boss attempting to have Mr. Moon killed), the cast eventually convincinces Clay Calloway to join them and save the day. The head of the entertainment company goes to jail for attempted murder, and all is well in the end. 

In the end, the cast continues to perform in Redshore City, and Buster Moon makes his name known in the entertainment world – turning his dreams into reality.