CDS Unsung Heroes: Ms. Capitano and Ms. French

Theresa Capitano and Cayce French work tirelessly to keep the entire school running smoothly.

Theresa Capitano and Cayce French are two very important, hard working women that help our school campus operate smoothly. Mrs. French specializes in being a Registrar and Database Manager and Mrs. Capitano is a Customer Service Specialist. They also do so much more for our CDS students and faculty. They do this to make sure that they are comfortable on our campus.

These ladies are part of the many unsung heroes that work together to help aspects of our school that would be dull without them. According to Ms. French, the most difficult hardship they face is, “the management of students that are all coming and going.” This helps with the overall attendance of students and dismissal, to ease the minds of teachers and parents that rely on this information to continue with their other responsibilities.

Their overall commitment to this school and their jobs are something that everyone can admire. Ms. French and Ms. Capitano have a variety of things that they do in their position. Their most specific jobs are, “checking in on all visitors, parents, or anyone else that is coming on the campus. We check them in and find out where they need to go. Any kids that are signing in or coming late after the first block, we take care of them and do their attendance. If anyone is signing out early we do US absences, check those, and find out where the kids are. We email teachers and have them ready to go when parents pick them up.”

Ms. Capitano and Ms. French and also extremely involved with the school. They are at campus during all events, and showing their school spirit. Ms. Capitano adds that, “whatever event is going on, we check those people, and basically anything that is going on on campus.”

These ladies contribute so much to our school and our community, as they are the first faces you see when you arrive, and the last faces you see when you leave. They have left such an impact on our campus and we appreciate all that they do. Thank you so much ladies!