Girls Soccer Senior Night

Nicki Ragan
The five senoirs on the CDS team were honored at thier senior night.

CDS vs. Out of Door Academy, CDS lost 0-2

On Thursday January 13th, the CDS girls’ varsity soccer team celebrated their senior night against Out of Door Academy at half time.

As the 2022 girls’ soccer season is coming to an end, the team recognized their 6 seniors’ hard work and dedication to the team. Seniors Camila G, Ashley M, Hannah M, Sarah M, Erin M and Lisyeny H walked arm and arm with their parents/ guardians down the sideline of the football field eventually greeting Mrs. Rubenstein, Mr. Walsh and Mr. Mabry.

Each girl was given a bouquet of flowers along with an announcement of where they will be attending college and some academic background of each player. This game was a gruesome battle against Out of Door Academy for the win, unfortunately the CDS girls’ varsity soccer team lost the game 0-2, but executed tons of great plays in the meantime.

Some of the seniors were asked to reflect back on their high school soccer experience and what they enjoyed most about it. Lisyeny H. enjoyed the closeness of the team the most and how everyone was connected .”The best thing about being on the soccer team in high school is meeting everyone on the team, each person is so different and I like getting to know everyone” said Lisyeny.

Going outside of the bonds and connections of the players, many players like the athletic force of the team. “The best thing about being on the soccer team in high school are definitely the games, whether they’re high stakes or total domination.” says Hannah.

The Girls’ soccer team has had a great season so far with a record of 8-5 and hope to continue this amazing record.