NFL Playoffs


Adrian Curiel

Used with permission from Unsplash.

The NFL Playoffs, can you think of any better time period in sports history? In 2020, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shocked everyone by winning a Super Bowl despite all of their games on the road. This year, 13 other teams were looking to do the same thing. Below you will find the highlights from some of our favorite games, and the scores for all.

5-Raiders @ 4-Bengals
The first playoff game started with the Bengals hoping to win their first playoff game in over 30 years. The Raiders are here after a challenging season where not many things went their way. Raiders losing their coach, and two former first round picks. The game was back and forth til halftime with a controversial call giving the Bengals a two score lead. The Bengals held that lead as the raider tried to spark a comeback, but fell short as quarterback Derek Carr threw a pick to end their season.

6-Patriots @ 3-Bills
The New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills is a rivalry that feels as old as time, especially over the past two decades with Tom Brady under the Patriots belt. Brady was 38-8 in his career against the Bills, but this game was different. The Bills played the perfect offensive game in the 47-17 win. They only kicked one field goal and never punted. Josh Allen threw for over 300 yards, 5 touchdowns, no interceptions, and completed 80% of his passes.

7-Eagles @ 2-Buccaneers
The Tampa Bay Bucs start the postseason the same place they ended it last season winning the Super Bowl at home. This is their first playoff game at home not including the super bowl since 2007. This will be the Eagles’ first time back since 2019. The game started as the Bucs defense shut down the number one eagles run game forcing the QB Jalen Hurts to pass. The Bucs defense shut that down as well. Tom Brady connected with all of his targets to take the Bucs to the divisional round winning 31-15.

7-Steelers @ 2-Chiefs
In the regular season, the Chiefs absolutely destroyed the Steelers in a 36-10 blowout. The Steelers said they had no expectations of moving on but still played with pride. The Steelers shocked everyone by scoring first on a T.J. Watt fumble recovery for a touchdown. The Steelers then got an interception but didn’t score after it. The Chiefs were in shock but the game did a major reverse in the 2nd half, eventually winning 42-21.

4-Rams @ 2-Buccaneers
The Rams travel to Tampa to face Brady and the Bucs. The Rams beat the Bucs earlier in the season in L.A. Both teams are looking to be Super Bowl hopefuls with their loaded offenses. The Rams got Tom Brady and the Bucs banged up the offensive line. The Rams took an early blowout lead going into the half. The Bucs sparked a late fourth quarter comeback. With 46 seconds left. Lenny Fournette ran into the endzone for the Bucs. Tampa left to much time for Stafford and the Rams as former Bucs kicker Matt Gay kicked the Bucs right out of the playoffs winning 30-27 over the Bucs in Tom Bradys final game.

6-49ers @ 3-Cowboys
5-Cardinals @ 4-Rams
4-Bengals @ 1-Titans
6-49ers @ 1-Packers
3-Bills @ 2-Chiefs
4-Bengals @ 2-Chiefs
6-49ers @ 4-Rams

Which team are you pulling for? Stay tuned for our news coverage of the Super Bowl!