DMC Podcasts Presents “CDS Reacts”

Tavoy F., Ryan H., Justin D., Elijah L., Amare B.


Ava O'Connor

Tavoy Feagin, Ryan Hussey, Justin Dungy, Elijah Lopez, and Amare Brown created a CDS Reacts Podcast in their Digital Media Creations class.

CDS Reacts is a podcast conducted by CDS sophomores Tavoy F., Ryan H., Justin D., Elijah L., and Amare B.. This group of CDS athletes reacts to 2021-2022 sports highlights on Youtube to inspire young athletes to chase their dreams. 


“A big inspiration for us is Barstool Sports so that’s where we got this idea from,” Tavoy shares. 


They all play football, along with other various sports, which made choosing their podcast topic very easy. “My favorite video we reacted to was  ‘NFL Funniest ‘Mic’d Up” Moments of the 2021-2022 Season’ because it was really fun to record,” says Justin. 


They’ve worked on their podcast for about 2 months in their Digital Media Class run by Mr. Jim Poulin. Digital Media Class does a variety of projects including different types of digital media such as editing, graphic design and more!