Super Bowl Halftime Show Proves The 90s Are Back


Tijs van Leur

Used with permission from Unsplash.

The 90’s are back! The halftime show of Super Bowl LVI not only shocked our parents and teachers, but was also said to be one of the best in Super Bowl halftime history. It had a fantastic lineup planned, with hip hop superstars Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem.

It started off strong, as Snoop Dogg kicked things off with his hit “The Next Episode.” He was then joined by Dr. Dre for their song “California Love.” The mic was handed to 50 Cent, who performed“In Da Club” and turned up the heat. Next Mary J. Blige received a warm welcome to the stage, as she performed two of her songs: “Family Affair,” and “No More Drama.” Kendrick Lamar was up next, starting crouched in a cardboard box, surrounded by dancers decked out in black attire. He performed “M.a.a.D City,” and “Alright,” which a highly anticipated Eminem followed. Dr. Dre made a reappearance, as he joined Lamar and Eminem for “Forget About Dre.” Finally, Eminem performed “Lose Yourself,” which was arguably the highlight of the show. The crowd went wild. But the show wasn’t over just yet. All six performers joined together on stage for the finale of the show: “Still Dre.” The infamous piano intro was automatically recognizable by the crowd, causing an uproar of applause. “I loved it,” said LeighAnn, a tenth grader here at CDS. “It was heartwarming to see all of the performers join together.”

And then it was over. Just like that, the halftime show of Super Bowl LVI came to a close. The public was astounded. Many viewers took to Twitter, sharing their thoughts on the show. It will go down in history as one of the best, most loved halftime shows, bringing back a strong feeling of nostalgia and fantastic 90’s hip hop to us all.