Middle School Spanish Honors Society: Behind the Scenes

Ms. Milian
8th grade Spanish honors society

The Sociedad Hispanica de Amistad is the middle school Spanish honors society. This society is available to 8th grade students that maintained an A average during their 7th grade year. The purpose of this society is to not only recognize fellowship and service but to also give students a better understanding of Spanish culture and language.

The Spanish honors society shows their love of the Spanish language through many different service events. During October, in honor of hispanic heritage month, students presented a taste testing of Spanish foods to try. On international day, Spanish Honors society hosted a sample of many sodas from different hispanic countries. Recently, the Spanish honors society met with 2nd grade students to make Spanish valentines cards and read Spanish children’s books. Members also show their service weekly by offering tutoring to their peers during lunch. At the end of the school year, in April, students will be officially inducted into the society with a ceremony at the Colombia Restaurant.

Two current eighth grade members were asked of their experience since joining this society. When asked how Spanish honors society has positively impacted them Addie P. responded and said, “It positively impacted me because I was able to meet with and talk to people in other grades as well as do activities with them and get to see their point of view on things outside of just Spanish.” Addie P. was also asked what Spanish honors has taught her and she answered, “Spanish honors has taught me that exploring another language and doing things to involve myself with that language can change the way you view things and what I think about them.”

Another member, Grace T., was asked if she would recommend this society to younger students and she responded, “ I would recommend doing this to younger students because it will help you get involved and is good on resumes and will help you learn about something now while having fun with the club.” When asked why choose Spanish honors Grace T. responded , ”I chose to do it because being involved has been a main priority for me and it demonstrates leadership and helps you with organization”.

This society is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the Spanish language and culture. If you are an upcoming eighth grader and love Spanish then this society is for you. If you have any questions or concerns make sure to contact Ms. Milian.