Friendship Bracelet Club is the GOAT


Nasim Keshmiri

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Have you ever thought of joining Friendship Bracelet Club? Or maybe creating your own friendship bracelet club? Well maybe it’s not a bad idea!

I’m currently in the Friendship Bracelet Club at Carrollwood Day School and it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my entire school year.

Friendship Bracelet Club is a place that you can go to relax your mind while being around all your friends. All of this while you create a special bracelet with a meaning behind it, or just something that is fashionable that you would like to wear.

Junior Thomas P. agrees, “Friendship bracelet club gives me a break from my day and a chance to socialize with my friends.” At the end of the day, friendship bracelet club is a great place to enjoy yourself and find yourself a new friend, or further grow your bond with a friend that you already have. So if you have not considered joining the friendship bracelet club or creating your own, then maybe you should, because you never know what relationships you may build.