Young Entrepreneur’s Day Teaches Students Critical Thinking and Business Acumen

Fifth grade students in the elementary school create a business to sell their goods to others.

On Wednesday, March 9th the 5th graders took to the courtyard to show off their businesses and what they created. There were many businesses that the elementary schoolers could choose from. The items included slime, stickers, rainbow loom bracelets, hand-made jewelry and many more products.

When talking to Lisa Vicencio, she included more information about Entrepreneurship Day and why CDS includes it into their curriculum. “Entrepreneurship day is a part of the Unit of Inquiry: Money and Cents. Every Unit of Inquiry usually lasts around 6 weeks. They worked very hard and some even took to the weekends to complete their projects.”

The students had 6 weeks to create their business, form their group of people, and make products for their business. After a very eventful day at BizTown, the 5th graders were ready to showcase their businesses the next day.

When asked why CDS has made this a tradition for so long, Vicencio says that, “it teaches them about business and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, it gets them excited for the future.” Each grade was given tickets to walk around and “purchase” these items as well as enter themselves into a raffle. Young Entrepreneurship Day was from 8:00-10:30, where anyone was allowed to go and visit the business. Each class or grade level was given a time to come and shop in the courtyard. The times were given so that the students had time to restock and reorganize their stations. The other 5th graders were also given time to go around and purchase some items of their own.

All in all, this CDS tradition is crucial to the learning process and teaching others what it is like to own a business.