100 Days Smarter, 100 Days Brighter: 1st Grade Celebrates the 100th Day of School


Nicki Ragan

The CDS first grade dressed up to celebrate the 100th day of the school year.

The 100th day of school is celebrated by the Carrollwood Day School elementary school students and their teachers.

When asked about this tradition, Kara Dozier, a 1st grade teacher said, “We are 100 days smarter and we learn so much. We also learn to count by tens throughout the whole year.” This highlights the accomplishments and milestones that the 1st grade students meet through the first semester, and half way through the second semester of the school year.

CDS prides themselves on the abilities and achievements of the elementary students and with the celebration of the 100th day of school 1st graders are able to feel proud of themselves for what they have done throughout the school year.

The 1st grade students were able to participate in a parade as well where they walked through the entire school building. They do this dressed as the elderly, or 100 year olds to showcase the day.

When asked what their favorite part of the day was, 1st grader Emily said “Making the fruit loop necklaces”, because the 1st grade classes used 10 of every fruit loop color to honor the day.

The 100th day of school concluded with making gumball machines of 10 every color. This celebration is a tradition at CDS that the elementary students look forward to every year, as it will continue on for many more.