Patriots C/O 2026 Visit Washington, D.C.

Carrie Prieto
Class of 2026 in front of The White House.

The Patriots are on the road again! The eighth-grade students recently traveled to Washington D.C. for the first time since the beginning of COVID in 2020. Students were able to experience many aspects of this important city along with its historical importance. This special trip gave 8th graders a new perspective on American history as they have been learning more about our country’s history.

When students first arrived in D.C. they had a very action packed experience ahead of them. Firstly, they began their venture with a visit of Capitol Hill, Capitol Tour, Supreme Court and the Library of Congress along with a visit outside the White House and World War Memorial.

On the second day, they visited the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, Museum of Natural History, National Museum of African American History and Culture, The Washington Monument and concluded the day by going to the National Portrait Gallery.
On Thursday, the day began with a Capital river cruise. This cruise allowed for half the students to view the Einstein statue as the other half attended the cruise. A sightseeing tour also included the Kennedy Center, Key Bridge, Jefferson Memorial, Memorial Bridge, Roosevelt Island, Washington Monument, LBJ Memorial, U.S. Capitol, The Watergate, Lincoln Memorial, Maritime Memorial and the Custis-Lee Mansion. After these activities they took a visit to the National Museum of American Indians and Korean and Vietnam Memorials. Students also participated in a wreath laying appointment.
On the final day students visited Mount Vernon and the Smithsonian National Museum of American history.

The eighth graders also had much to say about this exciting trip. Firstly, they were asked about what they thought was the most interesting part of this trip. In response Saaya A. said, “The African American Museum was nice and it was cool how it was laid out, it was very organized”. When talking about how COVID has changed the way traveling to D.C.was, Sophie Brandao stated, “We couldn’t go into most of the museums because of COVID, not a lot of them but most of them”. Lastly, their biggest takeaways were, “We learned more about the events that happened there like Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination and if I didn’t go with a tour guide then I wouldn’t know that part” responded Saaya A. “I’ve been to D.C. but this time since it was with the school, I learned more about our countries capital and most of its history”, Garret Fredericks explained.

Traveling has definitely changed since the beginning of COVID, however it is great to see our Patriots having fun again. We are so excited for the new opportunities traveling will bring for students!