Varsity Cheer Team Holds Try Outs for Competition Team


Nicki Ragan

The CDS 2021-2022 cheer team during a football game on the sidelines.

The Varsity Cheer team recently held tryouts for the new competition team of 2022-2023. The tryouts were a week long, and the girls learned new material to perform in-front of a couple judges that would score them. The girls learned a new dance, cheer, and also worked with new stunt groups which they performed on Friday. Each girl received a number and got scored by four judges. Along with the girls that make the competition team, the coaches are bringing along four alternates who will go to each practice and fill in if someone is missing or can’t make it to the competition.

On Monday, the girls introduced themselves to each other, and then warmed up and stretched. After the girls stretched, former team captain Camyrn S taught the girls a dance that she learned when she did competitive cheer. The dance was four eight counts long and repeated twice. The girls learned the dance step by step, then practiced it in groups. After the girls reviewed the dance in their groups, the coaches just played the music repeatedly for the girls to try to do the dance to the music instead of in counts. In the last five minutes of practice, the girls were placed into stunt groups. The groups that they were placed in were the groups that they performed in.

On Tuesday, the girls warmed up and stretched as usual. After warming up, the girls ran through the dance a couple of times to the music. After the girls reviewed the dance, former co captain Shelby O taught the girls a cheer that she had learned from Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA). The cheer was taught by learning the words first then adding in the motions. Once the girls had been taught the motions, they reviewed the cheer multiple times. With about twenty minutes left in practice, the girls got into their stunt groups and learned or reviewed the basics of stunting.

On Wednesday, the girls reviewed what they had learned from the practice and corrected jumps. The girls lined up in three lines on the mat. There were five girls in each line. The line would rotate so the person in the front would jump then go to the back. This continued for toe touches, left hurdler, right hurdler, and double jumps. After the girls learned the correct way to jump, they reviewed everything that they had learned thus far.

On Thursday, the girls repeatedly practiced their skills for the performance in front of the judges the next day. The girls first warmed up to a team favorite, The Church Clap, and after the warm up they stretched to get their bodies prepared for practice. The girls then practiced the dance multiple times, and after that they practiced the cheer. When the girls started stunting,there would be one stunt group actually stunting with the next group spotting. After the stunt groups warmed up, they practiced the skills that they were going to show the judges. After stunts, they did jumps. When practicing jumps, the girls split into their stunt group and watched each other to give the jumper tips on how to get better.

On Friday, the girls warmed up then got ready for tryouts. The girls ran through what they had learned. When they were broken up into their stunt groups, they practiced their jumps, dance, cheer, and stunts. To warm up for the stunts, the girls that weren’t stunting first were spotting the group that was. Each girl received a number, and that number is how you would determine if you made the team or not. The coaches decided to bring 16 girls and 5 alternates to the competitions. The team is so excited for the upcoming season!