Make a Pizza And We’ll Tell You What Your Future Job Is


Saahil Khatkhate

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Keep track of your responses — the key is at the end!

1. What Size Pizza Do You Want?

A. Small
B. Medium
C. Large

2. What type of pizza?

A. Flat bread
B. Deep dish
C. French bread
D. New York

3. What type of sauce?

A. Tomato
B. Alfredo
C. Pesto
D. No sauce

4. What kind of crust do you like?

A. Stuffed crust
B. Parmesan crust
C. Garlic crust
D. Plain crust

5. Pick a topping:

A. Pineapple
B. Peperoni
C. Peppers
D. Bacon

6. Pick another topping:

A. Olives
B. Basil
C. Ham
D. Tomatoes

7. Pick a cheese. X2

A. Mozzarella
B. Parmesan
C. Cheddar
D. American

8. How many slices do you want?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

9. Where are you eating your pizza?

A. Dine in
B. Take out
C. Delivery
D. Uber eats

10. Favorite pizza place?

A. Little Caesars
B. Papa Johns
C. Dominos
d. Hungry Howies

11. How do you eat your pizza?

A. Folded
B. Folded inside out
C. Cut into pieces
D. Normal

If you answered mostly A, then you will be a doctor! Doctors are complex yet simple, and only have time for smaller meals because they need to rush to surgery. Smaller pizzas with complex flavors make for a great, quick meal for doctors.

If you answered mostly B, then you will be a teacher! Teachers are fun and exciting while also keeping their choices simple to keep their classes organized. Alfredo sauce on pizza is an exciting way to try new things and spice up a plain slice of pizza.

If you answered mostly C, you are going to be a celebrity! Celebrities need to order enough food to feed their many friends and love trying new foods on their pizza. Celebrities also need their food delivered so paparazzi doesn’t take pictures of them.

If you answered mostly D, then you will be part of law enforcement! Law enforcement needs their food delivered so they can always be ready to respond to emergencies. They need lots of food to stay energized throughout the day and protein to be performing at their best level.