Let’s Get Physical: Patriot Spotlight on P.E.


Jenna Norah

P.E. coaches Kelvin Jones and Steve Debo.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Physical Education is extremely important for students to grow and connect with their peers and CDS has one of the best high school PE departments in Tampa. Students can choose to take two years of P.E (freshman and sophomore years), or take one freshman year and double up in electives their sophomore year. Carrollwood Day’s Coaches Debo and Jones have facilitated a wonderful P.E department for years, always using the motto “Dress out and have fun,” or in other words, bring your uniform and enjoy your years of CDS P.E.

Not only have Debo and Jones been friends since day 1, but this year they have also started coaching soccer together, furthering their athletic experience and friendship bond that keeps PE so interesting. At the beginning of each year, the freshman and sophomore classes play volleyball in the gym, and it’s always been a crowd favorite. Jones says, “We instruct the freshman and let the sophomores play around as they have gotten the instructions in previous years.” This goes for most of the units throughout the year. From archery to basketball, PE students get to try every sport and backyard game. Sophomore Tavoy F. says, “P.E is my favorite class and volleyball is my favorite unit because I don’t get to play it often.” Every CDS P.E. class is like a family due to the great community Debo and Jones provide.

These teachers understand that P.E isn’t for all, and not everyones loves athletic activity. Therefore, as long as students follow the rules and participate in activities, P.E gives them a great opportunity to build friendships while still passing the class. Overall, Carrollwood Day School understands the importance of physical education and the community it can create. With the great staff team they’ve provided and the amazing peers students will meet along the way, P.E tends to be a favorite among all CDS students.