Track goes to Regionals and Moves on to States


Nicki Ragan

After the Regional Track and Field meet, CDS has seven athletes competing in the state championship meet.

Regional Track Meet

The Regional track meet was on May 4th, in Naples at Community school of Naples. The team has both some runners and throwers that had a chance of making it to states.

Athletes had plenty of time to sit and chill but when it was race time it was race time. Members of the team that are advancing to states are Camila G, Leighann H, Asher G, Tayshaun B, Eddie Pt, Almari B, and Zycarl L.

Issa J, a junior, competed in multiple events and these were his responses about the track meet and how he did in his events. He said “I think I performed really well but I could’ve done better. My individual event I feel I did really well but on the relay I feel like I could’ve helped the team more.”

Issa is not moving on to states but he stated that “next year I am determined to get better and make it.” Issa feels that this track season went really well for him. He said “I was able to improve my mental part of track and field. It helped me improve in my race and get better times.” Towards the end of the season Issa PR in every event. He started the season running 56.7 and ended running 52.2. Issa plans to work all summer for next season so he can be able to go to a college for Track and field. Issa felt that this track season “was very positive and optimistic” he enjoyed practices and loved the track meets.

Taylor L, a sophomore who was also interviewed after the meet. This was her first year running track and she loved it. She feels that “overall I had a great experience and I’m excited to continue track throughout high school.” At Regionals she feels that “I performed my best because I PR for every event I did” Taylor is not moving on to states but her 4×400 team was super close to making it. She really improved throughout the season. She started the season running a 1:15 in the 400 and she ended the season running a 1:03. She feels that “it definitely got me more in shape for soccer and it made me faster overall.”

Two teams that were really close to making it to states were the Girls and Boys 4×400 teams; they both missed states by one spot. The top 18 go to states and both got placed 19th out of the whole state. This really made people hungry and want to get better for next year so they have a better chance to go to states.