First Months into the MLB Baseball Season


Forest Simon

Used with permission from Unsplash.

The start of the season we have seen ups and downs from teams last year who played in the playoffs. The teams from Oakland to Boston aren’t starting out as hot as everyone planned on. The Boston Red Sox with gaining Trevor Story everyone thought that they would be leading the league in best record, but right now they are falling off and have a losing record. Teams like the Dodgers and the Yankees are playing extremely well with under 10 losses and teams like the Rays and the Blue Jays and the Astros are playing very well with 12 or so losses. With the start of the season the home run leaders are Aaron Judge with 10, Anthony Rizzo with 9 followed by Mike Trout, C.J. Cron, and Bryon Buxton also at 9. Manny Machado leads the batting average category with the highest in the league. Justin Verlander is leading the pitching stats so far through the season. With the projections going on right now of who will win the world series everyone has the votes on the Dodgers winning it all this year. The Reds are projected to come in last in the league and they only have 5 wins right now. From stats from the Rays the star player right now is Wander Franco, doing it all he is amazing so far from the field and hitting the ball very well to start this season, can’t wait to see what else he brings this season.