Turning Red Review


Max Cortez

Used with permission from Unsplash.

Turning Red is a Pixar movie that features a 13 year old Mei Lee who is going through the normal experiences of life as a teenager. But she was faced with a challenging experience through these times where she turns into a big red panda whenever she gets too excited.
The red panda was used to represent Mei going through puberty and they also show the signs of puberty with her interest in boys, emotional outbursts and the internal conflict she has in the film.

Throughout this movie the love-hate relationship between Mei and her mother is shown,Mei doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with the image her strict mother wants her to become but she still abides by this so that her mother will be happy. Aside from the family relationships in the movie, Mei also has a tight knit group of friends who stick together.

This movie had a vibrant feel to it with many outgoing characters in the film and the soundtrack added to this vibrant feel in the movie. All in this film was very enjoyable and entertaining to watch where it shows not only the difficulties but the fun moments in going through your teenage years.