Tuning in on Teacher Appreciation Week


Nicki Ragan

Many meals were supplied to show the gratitude for CDS students, like this ice cream bar.

Tuning in on Teacher Appreciation Week

The gratitude which students feel for their teachers should never go unsaid, but especially on teacher appreciation week! This week our amazing teachers are being pampered with delicious meals, words of gratitude, and treats to keep them going throughout the day. Carrollwood Day School has treated their teachers great with food from Chick-fil-a, Panera, Maggiano’s and more. Mrs. Cohen, a part of the college counseling department states, “It’s been really nice to not have to worry about preparing breakfast or lunch this week. I am grateful for all the parents and students’ support. This week has honestly been so good.” Speaking to her alone, the patriot press has seen the great impact this week has on teachers and administrators. However, we got another perspective from another college counselor, coach Cory who states, “I’m eating for two so I really appreciate this week.”

One of the great things that has been done for these teachers is a wall with words of appreciation. Student written notes have been pinned on a middle school bulletin board as just another way to show how much these teachers mean to us. Students also chose to write teachers and administrators personal notes, and some even gave gifts. These notes or letters once again represented the great thanks students wanted to give to the amazing teachers who have helped them grow. The teachers here truly believe in, and care for their students, giving them the encouragement and support they need.

Overall, teacher appreciation week has created an even more appreciative and joyful environment for both teachers and students. One caring student in particular decided to write notes to three of her teachers saying, “I wrote these letters because for me the three that I picked really cared and wanted me to do well, and they always reached out to me. It was very nice and encouraging.” (Marianna G.) The care and appreciation students have for their teachers has really come through this week. Overall, teacher appreciation week was a huge success which brought the school community together in a positive way!