9th Grade Dives Into Personal Projects


Nicki Ragan

The class of 2025 will begin their personal projects for the 2023 Personal Projects Fair next year.

The freshman class of 2025 have started talking about their personal projects! The freshman heard a couple of speakers and heard stories about their personal experience with the project. Some students already have an idea of what they are going to do while others are still picking what they want to do for their project. As we all know, the Personal Projects are a big part of sophomore year. This project allows students to express their passion for something they believe in. The freshmen have started to think of ideas and will talk about personal projects every Tuesday with their advisor. The students also have a choice to pick which high school teacher they would like to be their supervisor. The supervisor will be there along the way to help the student if needed. When interviewed, Hallie S. said her favorite part of the Personal Projects were “meeting new contacts & forming new friendships” she also said that many people helped her during this process but specifically “teachers at school; SEGD area coordinator & team; Jewel; family members”. Her personal project was training a guide dog for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Hallie is still connected to the people and animals that she met during her personal project. Many of the freshmen are excited to start this project but some people are worried about not finishing in time.

When asked what tips to give the freshman Hallie S. said “ Just have fun with it; choose a project you thoroughly enjoy & finish all parts on time”. During advisory, you will be talking with your advisor or supervisor about your project. If you need help at all during your project your advisors and supervisors will be there to help. If you have any questions you can also ask Mrs. McCartney. You can also ask any of your peers from older grades. These people would all be great for asking questions about the project because they have already done the project and have experience with it. Like Hallie said, just have fun and do something that you enjoy so that the project you pick isn’t boring to you.