CDS Football Travels to North Carolina to Secure Victory

This past Thursday and Friday, the varsity football team took a road trip up to North Carolina to play the Christ School Greenies. On the way up, the team stopped in Atlanta and Clemson, touring both Clemson University and Georgia Tech. The team reportedly practiced in Georgia Tech’s facility on Thursday, which is pretty cool.

The patriots got an extremely special treatment at Clemson, too. The team and coaches got to speak to a couple of Tigers players and coordinators, and even Clemson’s head football coach, Dabo Swinney himself. “Everything Coach Swinney said was in almost inspirational quotes,” said Broc Dy-Liacco, fellow student and team manager. “He said to never sacrifice your biggest dreams and to hope for the future but there’s power in the present.” The Patriots were also the very first public people to see the new LED system in the scoreboard.

The bus ride up to Atlanta on Thursday was very calm and collected. Everyone was on their phone, talking to each other, just doing their own thing. After spending the night and eating breakfast, the team had a newfound energy. “Atlanta to Clemson was very pump-up and energetic. Everyone was having fun,” said Broc Dy-Liacco as well. “When we got back on the bus to go to Christ School, everyone was focused. You could almost hear a pin drop.”

The school was very nice, the part behind the field looked like a cool mansion in the mountains. The field was very weird, though. They didn’t really have sidelines and there were also areas that had construction going on. The game was great and both teams had excellent plays at certain points, but the Patriots were able to leave the game with a 35-29 overtime victory, Anthony C. scoring the game winner.