Uncharted Review

The film “Uncharted”, directed by Ruben Fleischer, was released on February 18th, 2022. This film illustrates the journey of Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) getting recruited by Victory Sullivan ‘Sully’ (Mark Walhberg), to uncover missing treasure from 500 years ago. Nathan and his older brother, Sam, grew up as orphans and were separated in their early teen years after Sam ran out of “strikes” with the police and orphanage. Then, the movie jumps to Nathan, now an adult, working at a bar, stealing small items from the customers. Nathan is a city person who is street smart, where he learned his skills from his childhood and Sam. Throughout the film, many scenes refer back to his childhood memories and learnings of adventure. Scenes include memories of little things that remind Nathan of his brother like the gum he chewed and little tricks he learned from him. He is later recruited by Sully to find lost treasure that apparently Sam was looking for as well. Nathan reluctantly agrees to help Sully’s quest for gold in the hopes of finding his older brother.

The movie feels as if you’re playing a video game. The characters go on a quest to find missing treasure, going against ‘bosses’, and moving up levels as they continued to unlock more things. The purpose of this movie was to entertain the audience and I’d say it hit the mark. Throughout the movie, there were a variety of soundtracks played for different scenes. For example, in fighting scenes, the music would be faster or had lyrics like “stayin alive” or suspenseful scenes having eerie music in the back. The scenery of the film was great as well. The cinematography of this film took place in big cities and countries with nice blue waters, fitting for the characters quest. They start in the big city where Nathan lives and later heads to Spain and the Philippines for their search for gold.

Tom Holland (Nathan Drake), Mark Wahlberg (Victory Sullivan ‘Sully’), Sophia Taylor Ali (Chloe Frazer), and Tati Gabrielle (Jo Braddock) are the main actors in the film, with the leading protagonist played by Tom Holland. Tom Holland took previous roles in award winning films like the new “Spiderman” movies, “Avenger” movies, “Venom 2”, and many more. Tom Holland’s more famous work involves him acting in superhero films where he has abilities that make him stronger. In Uncharted, he plays a “regular” guy on a gold hunting quest where he relies on human strengths to fight. I think it’s a good twist compared to his usual roles since it gives him a new kind of look compared to “It’s Spiderman”. Mark Wahlberg starred in movies like “Daddy’s Home”, “Infinite”, and a good mix of other family or action movies. I think Wahlberg was a great pick for his character. He was able to add humor along with Tom Holland, while also being able to show seriousness and experience during their mission. Sophia Taylor Ali, who starred in films like “Truth or Dare” and “Immortales”, was also an important character in the film. She added a feeling of warmth and betrayal for Nathan. Uncharted might be one of the most famous movies she has starred in and there will definitely be more opportunities for her in her career. Tati Gabrielle, voiced in the “Emoji Movie” and played in a couple suspenseful/intense tv series. She played a ‘boss to beat’ role in “Uncharted” and did a good job at it too.

The director, Ruben Fleischer, really proved his talent even more in “Uncharted”. Fleischer directed many hit action/science fiction movies. Some of his more popular work include “Now You See Me”, “Venom”, and “ZombieLand”. “Uncharted” goes in the direction of his usual work so it is not shocking to see that he was able to bring the movie to life.

The dialogue reveals that the characters are people really found only in movies because of the storyline. However, they also reveal traits that people do have like being an orphan or being adventurous. The overall story is not believable but it was entertaining. I like that the events that happened could all go back and relate to one that has happened before. I think it ties the storyline better together.