Sacred Pepper Review


Is Sacred Pepper too good for Tampa?

The atmosphere was enough to make me fall in love with this restaurant. At Sacred Pepper, the upbeat ambiance with live music is truly incredible. I think the best part of it all is the fact that you get to sit in comfortable chairs while you dine. If the atmosphere is not enough, experienced chef James Maita has crafted each dish to perfection, you can be certain the menu will not disappoint you.

Restaurant owner Candy Debartolo made sure nobody would leave her restaurant anything but completely full. This Contemporary American restaurant with an Italian twist has so many options on the menu, I would be surprised if you only ordered one thing. I recommend starting off with the shareable plate, Tuna TarTare Tamari. The delicious tuna is served with a heaping amount of perfectly ripe avocado. There are so many flavors and textures in each bite, I guarantee your tastebuds will be dancing. You get the saltiness along with a perfect crunch from the chip , the creaminess from the avocado, the sweetness from the sauce, and the best part of it all, the fresh, delicate, tuna.You might not even want to share this dish, it’s that good! For the main dish, I typically go for the four cheese & broccolini pizza, with extra broccolini. This is one of my all time favorite pizzas. The broccolini is charred, making it oh so crispy. The combination of cheeses, all with different textures is what really makes the pizza so breath-taking. You get the creaminess from the burrata along with the perfect cheese stretch from the mozzarella. If their pizza doesn’t call your name, the Asian Tuna Bowl is a great option. The Tuna TarTare Tamari only left me craving more tuna so I knew I had to try this dish. The presentation of this entree was so beautiful, I was hesitant to eat it. Be prepared though, the bits of jalapeno gives it a spicy kick! Regardless if you have room left in your stomach or not, the DIY Sunday is a must. I mean who doesn’t want to build their own Sunday? The three flavors of their truly homemade ice cream is served with various toppings which are so incredible, I sometimes eat them separately.

For the best experience, I advise going on a weekday. Although reservations aren’t required, I wouldn’t expect to get a table without them. In general, the atmosphere is loud. However, If you are looking for a more quiet, relaxing experience, I recommend requesting to be seated in their side room. Although, this does mean you will be missing out on their nightly live music that gets everyone up and dancing! If you are ever looking for somewhere to go for a fun night out with good food, Sacred Pepper is the place.