Untethered Soul Book Review

The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer, is a book about the mind. According to the About the Author page on the back of his book, Singer has more than four decades of experience as a spiritual teacher. In 1971, he put himself into seclusion to focus on yoga and meditation. In 1975, he founded the Temple of the Universe, a renowned yoga and meditation center for people of any belief. His book is backed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is a fascinating read for anyone, especially those interested in how the mind works.

This book breaks down into five parts Awakening the Consciousness, Experiencing Energy, Freeing Yourself, Going Beyond, and Living Life. Each of these sections breaks down further into chapters and is neatly organized by a table of contents. This is very useful so that the reader can go back and look at a certain chapter if it speaks to them. Each of the chapters is about eight pages. They are long enough so that the reader can get information but short enough to keep their attention.

Singer uses the second person to put the reader into scenarios and shows them how they automatically think and how past experiences influence people. One of the examples he uses is, “Let’s say you have an emotional fear of heights. When you were young, you fell off a ladder, and the impression stayed with you.” Then he goes into further detail about how throughout life, people will go the extra mile to avoid discomfort. The person who’s afraid of heights might not ever visit big cities or travel because they would have to stay in a tall building. That person will miss out on many amazing experiences and trips just because they fell off a ladder as a child. Everyone is afraid of something, and Singer teaches people to recognize that and not let that hold them back in life.

That is only one of the topics Singer touches on. There are many other subjects that Singer goes through, all of which are relatable and interesting. He stays organized and analyzes each topic thoroughly. I found no major flaws in this book. It is well-written and applies to everyone, and leaves the reader feeling educated and ready to make a change.