Career Day

A Day Full Of Careers

Every school year, CDS organizes a day dedicated to showcasing a number of different careers. Many students look forward to the day as they can gain a better understanding of a variety of different professions. For many students, the thought of finding a career to explore after high school is very stressful and many do not even have a thought in mind. However, this day opens their eyes to all of the possibilities in a stress-free way.
Ms. Hollingsworth has been organizing career day for the past six years, “Career day is designed to give our students an opportunity to interact with professionals in many different areas. Students become aware of opportunities and may even discover a career they never knew existed”, Hollingsworth explained.
There were many different speakers, come from a number of different professions – from all parts of the world. Ms. Hollingsworth branched out to find the best speakers that would be engaging in the classroom and also inspire students.
She provided, “I reach out to all of my contacts in the Tampa area as well as our school community connections. We had teacher spouses, student parents, and CDS alumni all here as well. We used social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) to get the word out to ask for professionals to volunteer.”
For next year there is always room for improvement and hearing student feedback is super helpful for creating a better career day. “I hope to have even more speakers! I am also considering some sort of a Career Fair like we did for the Community Service agencies”, Hollingsworth said.
Career day is an enjoyable day for both students and teachers as they learn more about all the possibilities of their future. We hope that this tradition will continue throughout CDS and continue to inspire students in many different ways!