Bring Back the Jeans!

As the winter season begins to show its effects with dropping temperatures, many students are unhappy with the new implementation of “CDS sweatpants only” as opposed to the rule of wearing jeans whenever it is less than 55º outside. This is mainly due to the fact that the CDS sweatpants are uncomfortable, and cost upwards of $50.

Let’s first backtrack a little. In previous years at Carrollwood Day School, students were allowed to wear jeans, sans rips, instead of their uniform bottoms when the temperature was 55º or below. Many students were comfortable with this, as it allowed them to be warm and comfortable, and use whatever they had in their closet instead of purchasing more uniforms.

Michael R., a sophomore, said “Sweats trap a lot more heat than jeans, which could cause some people to overheat indoors, leading them to a constant cycle of taking their sweats on and off. On the other hand, jeans, are much more breathable and light by comparison while also being comfortable.”

Other students agree with Michael R. and wish that sweatpants were not the only cold weather wear. Sophomore Nick R. says “I don’t like that we can wear sweatpants at school because we can only wear CDS sweatpants and they are overpriced and they aren’t comfortable.”

Sophomore Logan W. agrees that jeans should be brought back “I do miss when we could wear jeans since the sweatpants are too hot and itchy. The CDS sweatpants also don’t have any pockets so it just adds another inconvenience to our day.”

If the winter weather is starting to get to you, the CDS sweatpants are available only at the Risse Brothers Store. Stay warm!