Season in Review: How it Compares to the Past 5 years of the NFL

This season was honestly pretty bad. The regular season was very long and oftentimes quite boring, there were only three, maybe even two, good playoff games, and there wasn’t a lot of player drama. Having a fun season with good playoff games and off-the-field drama is what makes seasons electric and all of it felt absent this year.

For a lot of teams, it felt more like a look ahead for the next three years instead of what is happening now. Multiple teams getting new coaches in open positions, brought a new chapter to their team. Some teams like the Seahawks, lost a bunch of key players for the past 10 years and people thought it would be the start of a rebuild. The team making the playoffs was probably the one cool thing that happened, however, they still collapsed late in the season. That’s another thing, so many teams fizzled out after starting hot. The Dolphins were 8-3 and finished 9-8. The Bears were 3-1 and proceeded to lose every game for the rest of the season. The Bucs were 2-0 and we all know what happened this year.

Teams that are rebuilding or restructuring their teams are in good shape and teams that are already really good will stay good, where’s the fun in that? People want to see teams have unexpected years. People would love to see the 9ers go 9-8 next year, or the same with the Chiefs or Vikings. People would love to see the Bears go 12-5. In reality, none of that will happen for another 10 years.

This season was bad, it was boring, it went exactly how everyone expected in the long run, and most are glad it’s over.