Should Standardized Test Be Mandatory?

Everyone knows the stress that hits every student once it’s time for them to take the SAT or ACT. The panic the students feel and the amount of studying and practice they have to do to get an acceptable score. These standardized tests have been a huge part of college admissions for decades. Should the SAT or ACT be mandatory for college, or should the tests be abolished? The SAT and ACT are a huge part of college admissions. The scores reflect on the students academic capabilities, letting colleges know if they are ready. The tests help colleges compare a student’s gpa versus their test scores. It acts as a reassurance that their gpas are truthful and not obtained by cheating. The SAT and ACT are also learnable tests. There are many practice books, study guides, and online resources to help students prepare. Having higher test scores may also help students obtain academic scholarships. These test scores are a main reflection on a student’s academics which is set for colleges to have an insight on a student’s readiness for college. The SAT and ACT however do give certain challenges to students. Most can argue that a student’s test scores cannot measure a student’s intelligence. Many students also come from different backgrounds. Studies show that students with higher income families tend to score higher than students with low income families. The school a student goes to may also affect their SAT or ACT score. Many schools have different resources and communities to help students prepare for college. Colleges also do not only look at a student’s score for admissions. Many other factors like extracurriculars, student life activities, and their college essay play a huge role in admissions. Students should not have to stress as much as they do for a good test score since it’s not the only factor for college. The SAT and ACT are the main trends of college admissions. Students stress, study, take the test, and hold their breaths until the scores come out. Colleges find these scores to be a huge factor in a students readiness for college. They say it tests their intelligence, and shows a college if they are truly ready for their school. The debate continues on whether or not the SAT or ACT should be mandatory.