Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

For Superbowl 57 this year, the significant role of performing in front of millions at halftime of the game was given to the world-renowned Rihanna. Everyone was holding their breath for this performance because Rihanna hadn’t performed on stage for 7 years. She started her show by standing on a floating platform and visibly touching her stomach. She was singing one of her very famous songs “B**ch better have my money” and continued with a somewhat mixtape of her hit songs including: “B**ch better have my money”, “Only girl in the world”, “We found love”, “Work”, “Pour it up”, “Where you been”, “Rudeboy”, “Wild thoughts”, “All the lights”, “Run this town”, “Umbrella”, and ended with the famous “Diamonds”. The choreography was mostly hip-hop dance, danced by background dancers in all white, though Rihanna danced as much as she could she could not do every dance move due to her pregnancy. She said after her performance because of how long it had been since she performed especially after having a baby and pregnant with another one, “So, as scary as that was … there’s something exhilarating about the challenge of it all, and it’s important for me to do this year”. To add to her fear, she performed the whole show on her own, even though most halftime shows have at least an extra guest artist. This was brave of her, but this halftime show was her comeback, and the whole performance screamed “I’m back”. Though some say she did a fantastic job and the performance was wonderful, others say it was disappointing and she could’ve done much more if she was not pregnant. Also, the rumors are true after just having her first child in May of last year, she is pregnant again. However, altogether the halftime show was great and very entertaining. Rihanna did an amazing job.