March Madness 2023, one of the more historical tournaments in NCAA history

The March Madness tournament this year has certainly been interesting but quite fun, as well. There have been many upsets, ranging from Princeton making the Sweet 16 and FDU defeating 1-seed Purdue in the first round, to FAU being the third 9-seed to make the Final four in tournament history.
Speaking of the Final Four, this year has a very diverse group. Last year was much different, as 3/4 final teams were 1 and 2 seeds but this year, the highest seed is #4 UCONN. Miami isn’t new to the championship and can definitely make it again but they will have to get past UCONN first.
That’s another thing to use when looking at how weird this year’s final stretch is, the history of the teams left in it. SDSU has had its share of winning good games in the past but nothing of this magnitude, same with FAU. UCONN is a very massive name in college basketball, and likely will be forever, but what makes them being in it still so astounding is the fact that they somehow haven’t won the title since 2014, almost 10 years ago.
While it does feel like the teams are diverse and new, and though the teams don’t have the best records, it shouldn’t dismiss the fact that these 4 teams are here for a reason. SDSU has had to go through some of the toughest competition I’ve seen in a single tournament and Miami has been the underdog for almost every game.
These 4 teams play good basketball and they will likely provide a fantastic and maybe even more historic Final Four.