Smile Film review

The 2022 new movie Smile has horror fans in a frenzy for this movie. For those who enjoy horror movies like myself, the movie Smile should be on your watch list. It is a film about a woman who’s life and body gets taken over by an entity after witnessing a tramatic event. The main character has to relive some events from her past in an attempt to save herself. The movie starts off with introducing the viewer to the main character Rose, a therapist. She gets a new patient who then passes the possession on to her and she desperately tries to save herself from the horrible end suffered by everyone else who got possessed by the same entity. Overall the movie has a great storyline, lots of suspense, and great acting. You can tell there was a lot of time and effort put into the movie by the directors, producers, cast, and everyone who worked on it. However, the movie is rated R because of some rude language and also there are violent scenes in the movie, so if you are a younger student be sure to get permission from a guardian.