March 21, 2023 was the first world baseball classic game that has been played in eight years. This game features Japan vs team USA. The first inning wasn’t terrible, it was a good back and forth but still 0-0 after the 1st. Here comes the second inning and a Schwarber fly out, but number two in the hitting line, Mike Trout, hits an absolute nuke over right field for a homerun over 400ft and USA goes up on a 1-0 lead. Shortly after the inning ended because everyone struck out. Japan came up to the plate bottom in the second. Murakami sends a home run 432 feet and ties the game up 1-1.Then, Okamoto hits a single and the next two batters get struck out. Next batter gets a single now there are two players on base then Nakamura comes up to bat but gets walked so now bases are loaded. Nootbaar came up to bat, it was a ground ball, but Okamoto ran home and up the score 2-1 Japan. The game went smooth till about the bottom of the 4th when Okamoto came up to bat and smacked a home run 407 feet making Japan up 3-1. USA was looking a little slow the rest of the game. In the last inning, the two best players are up, pitcher (Ohatani) and batter (Trout). Ohatani loads a full count on Trout and he swings, allowing Japan to get their 3rd out, making Japan the WBC Champions!