The NFL Draft 2023



The first round NFL Draft is tomorrow and fans and teams alike are getting prepared for one of the most popular nights in football until February with Superbowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

Every year, teams draft studs and duds from different colleges and with this year, the talent is on another level. The quarterbacks and offensive line classes are some of the best in recent drafts and have so much raw talent and potential to be great. With many teams needing an offensive tackle in the first round, the position’s popularity will spike and many more fans and teams will pay attention to the position’s importance, which is another thing the draft does for the rookie players. Two months ago, nobody really knew who Darnell Wright and Broderick Jones were besides SEC fans. Now, everyone does and they want their team to draft those players because of the mock drafts and highlights posted by professional journalists and sports companies such as ESPN and Fox.

The quarterback position has so much speculation surrounding it as well. Up until a couple days ago, it seemed like a known fact that Bryce Young, the QB out of Alabama, would go first to the Panthers, followed by C.J. Stroud of Ohio State going second to the Texans. Now, however, it seems that out of nowhere people see Will Levis – honestly the fourth best QB in this draft – going first and some people are going the distance to say the Texans won’t even select a QB, arguably their biggest need on the team. It’s all very crazy, but this is how the draft goes every year.

There are other position groups with great upside and very high floors, cornerbacks and edge rushers, being great examples, but there isn’t such craziness with those groups as there is with the quarterbacks and offensive tackles, however. Lukas Van Ness of Iowa is spectacular, but their isn’t excitement about whether he’ll be a bust or not because of his size and his playmaking abilities. The same can be said for Christian Gonazlez, the Oregon corner who put up great numbers all year long. Craziness shouldn’t completely change a draft, like the speculation around Will Levis, but it is great to have to make things fun.

Hopefully this year’s draft is great and does provide some twists and turns.