Senior Send-off

Nikki Ragan

The seniors officially said goodbye to their first grade buddies as they get ready for college. Patriot buddies is a special CDS tradition that connects first grade students with seniors. At the beginning of the school year, there is an assembly to join together the buddies. Sadly, once the school year comes to an end, there is a special assembly where the first grade buddies send off their seniors. The assembly begins with head of upper school, Mr. Walsh, and head of lower school, Ms.Wilson, giving a brief message about how special this year has been for both buddies and the positive impact it is leaving behind. After, each first grader walked alongside their buddy holding the flag their senior would be attending. Once everyone has been seated, two CDS lifers give a speech of their lifetime at CDS. The two CDS lifers this year were J.D. B. and Ethan E. These seniors have attended CDS since first grade and have created so many memories with students and teachers. They can even remember being in first grade and receiving their senior buddy. Even though these seniors will soon be off to college and starting their lives, they will forever be a patriot. Best wishes to our senior patriots and everything they go on to accomplish!