Cold Stone Carrollwood Review

The newly opened Cold Stone in Carrollwood has a variety of different ice cream flavors. They offer many different dairy free options for those who are not able to have dairy. The strawberry sorbet is a dairy free option that tastes like regular strawberry ice cream. It has an appetizing texture and they offer the option to add mix-ins, varying from oreos to fruit. They also offer a new Silk Chocolate Almond Milk ice cream. It is a perfect chocolate ice cream substitute. Their ice creams are the perfect consistency, not too thick but not too runny. The prices vary from $5 for a small to $5.75 for a large and include one free mix in, additional mix ins cost $0.75. The ice cream is a little on the pricier side and some may not see the value but overall if you are looking for fun ice cream flavors Cold Stone is a good option. Cold Stone also offers ice cream cakes. The staff is very polite and friendly. They work efficiently and quickly in order to make many orders in a short period of time. If you are an ice cream lover, I recommend giving Cold Stone a try.