Men’s March Madness

“It doesn’t matter if you fall down. It’s whether you get back up” (Michael Jordan). Most basketball players lived this quote during the 2023 Men’s March Madness. March Madness tests players’ abilities to the fullest. There are 64 teams, meaning there isn’t a great chance your team will win. March Madness is a basketball competition that happens every year in March. There are a total of 64 colleges that compete each year. March Madness is an elimination-style basketball game. Every team plays another team meaning there are 32 games in the first round. Then when you have those winners you go on to the Sweet 16. Then the elite eight. Final four. And lastly the national championship. When playing in the first round of March Madness Seed 1 plays vs Seed 16 and so on. This year there were many many games that left everyone upset. The first one is Purdue who is a number one seed losing to the 16th seed, FDU. This game had many people questioning the rankings and others upset over their bracket being destroyed. Purdue had a 98.7% of winning the game and lost 58-63. Another upset game is the Arizona Wildcats a second seed losing to a 15th seed, Princeton. This game also left people in shock as they had a 96.3% chance of winning the game. In the end, even though these games left people upset and won broken brackets, Unconn ended up winning. This was no surprise as they have won five in the past. To get here they defeated the Miami Hurricanes, San Diego Aztecs, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Saint Mary Gaels, Arkansas Razorbacks, and the Iona Gaels. This year’s March Madness had many upsets but in the end, Uconn pulled it together.