Movie Theaters Reopening

Everyone’s entertainment, news, family, and whole life is now being directed straight from their homes and backyards. Up until recently, movie theaters had stopped playing shows and closed down for months completely. Black Panther became a huge film when it was first released to the general public, and it being shown again in theaters a year or two later after release isn’t something considered to be out of the ordinary. Black Panther was one of the first movies to be shown since the theaters began to open again, and it being shown was able to attract many excited viewers.

Freshman Bella Benedetti was one of the first viewers to go and watch Black Panther in person. She has visited the movie theatre multiple times since the re-opening. She has gone to the movie theaters twice and plans on going back for a third time. When asked about her opinion on if the theaters were taking the right precautions, she says “definitely not, because I sat next to a stranger”. Being able to sit in a movie theater again is a step forward, but not if the right precautions can be taken. She also says that “it was overwhelming” due to the fact that everyone had their masks off because snacks and drinks are now being permitted in the theaters

In order to see if all movie theaters in the area were the same when it came to taking these precautions, a movie theatre employee who preferred to remain anonymous was interviewed. The employee says that her theatre has been “making sure the customers have been spaced out a couple seats unless you were with a family member and that all the workers must wear either masks or face shields and gloves”. This is a different case from the other movie theaters Benedetti visited. Benedetti says that the movie theatres that she had visited were “the AMC theater in Wesley Chapel, and the one located inside Citrus Park Mall”. The anonymous interview came from AMC West Shore 14.

Both of the interviewees mentioned something that was seen by them in both theatres. Both of the interviewees noticed how the ticket prices had gone down a significant amount, the tickets only being 15 cents for one person. The employee mentioned how she was nervous about the ticket sales and even said “I feel with not enough sales that we won’t be able to stay in business and keep this theatre running”. This concern is pretty normal for all businesses opening back up right now, due to the fact that people are still afraid to go to public places. 
The ticket sales dropping a significant amount is now also becoming a concern to the public as well, with websites even saying that, “AMC, said it has “substantial doubt” that it can remain in business after shuttering all of its locations during the coronavirus pandemic.” This article was updated in June of 2020, months after COVID even began rising in the United States and it is still a concern today. This is able to show how much the coronavirus pandemic has still been affecting the economy even when things are starting to change and people are trying to go back to normal.