Middle School Athletes Step Up to Plate


Photo Courtesy of Vargo Family

Lia Agliata

   Every athlete knows it takes hard work and dedication to balance both school and sports. These middle school athletes share the challenges they go through with not only being a student athlete, but also being a middle school student playing on a highschool team. 

   “My teammates are supportive, friendly, and make playing cds sports a lot of fun, says Francie Miniati. Miniati is an 8th grade student who played on CDS’s junior varsity volleyball team this year. Miniati says she manages school and sports by managing her time wisely. The biggest challenge is not having enough time to complete assignments and getting behind on schoolwork.  My teachers are mostly understanding and are usually able to catch me up on any work that I missed due to sports. Miniati also shares that she is still close with some of her highschool teammates and talks to them frequently. “I think being on a team and naturally making friends with people in other grades is easier when you’re on a team together and spending time practicing together.”

   Like Miniati, Bobbi Walters also plays volleyball on the JV team. Walters had a different approach to managing her school work and said,  “managing between schoolwork and sports during the volleyball season wasn’t too bad. Our practices ended near 6:30, so I still had plenty of time to do my homework, it was also in the beginning of the year, so we had less work to do.” Walters also made new friends by being on the JV team. I got closer with some of my high school friends from volleyball last year. There was a new set of people that I got to meet and get close with this year.”

   Another 8th grade student, Steven Vargo, is playing on the varsity baseball team. has played baseball for 10 years and his favorite part about being an athlete at CDS is playing on the turf field. The hardest part about being a student athlete,” Vargo said, “getting homework done after practice but I get around that by doing homework in school breaks or right after school so when I get home I don’t have to do it.He also expresses his gratitude for his team mates saying “being on sports teams have definitely helped me make friends because this is my first year here and when I played football, we would all hang out in school and now we are all good friends.”