Spring Break Top 3


Compiled by the Patriot Press Staff

With spring break right around the corner and COVID restrictions keeping you home, here’s 5 five local places to go, 5 fun recipes to make, and 5 Netflix shows to binge.

5 local covid safe places to go this spring break:

  1. Riverwalk: If you’re ever downtown and need something to do, the Riverwalk is completely outside and is a great place to walk your dogs, and get a little exercise in the fresh air. 
  2. Beaches…duh: In Florida we are surrounded by beaches which are usually only a short drive away! Pack up your beach bag, and have a fun day on one of Florida’s many beaches.
  3. Philippe park: This scenic park is located in Safety Harbor. This park is a great place to explore and see the beautiful views of the water, and to walk your dog.
  4. Top Golf: This entertainment place is a great place to play golf with friends. Top Golf is completely outside and in the open air, and gives you something fun to do this Spring Break.
  5. Wiregrass Mall (open air to help get that mall fix): If you need to to fuel your shopping addiction, Wiregrass Mall is a great place to go. Instead of the regular malls, Wiregrass mall is open air.

5 must-try recipes to make this spring break:

  1. Viral Tik Tok Feta Pasta: This infamous pasta recipe went viral on Tik Tok, and it is super simple to make! If you aren’t a fan of feta, you can substitute it out for your favorite creamy cheese!
  2. “Skillet Cookie”: Everyone likes cookies, so who doesn’t want to make one huge cookie? This skillet cookie recipe is easy to make, but even easier to clean up, because you make it all in one skillet!
  3. MugCake: Cakes are delicious, but time consuming to make. Make a mug cake this spring break as a much faster and equally delicious alternative!  
  4. Smoothie Bowl: Looking for a healthier treat this spring break? Try smoothie bowls! With so many combinations and toppings, smoothie bowls are a must try.
  5. “DIY Dips”: Looking for a fun and easy snack? Try making your own dips! From guacamole to buffalo chicken dip, the dips are endless.

5 binge worthy netflix shows to watch this spring break: 

  1. Outer Banks: Rating TV-MA; A group of teenagers in Outer Banks, North Carolina uncover the history of their community when working to uncover John B.’s (the main character) father and find missing gold. Seasons-1(2 coming soon)
  2. Legacies: Rating TV-14/Vampire Diaries: Rating TV-14/The Originals: Rating TV-14; These three series are all connected. Exploring the world of vampires, Legacies is about a young girl attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Vampire Diaries follows the life of Elena Gilbert and two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. The Originals focuses on the Mikaelson (a family of vampires) siblings: Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. Seasons- Legacies-3;Vampire Diaries-8; The Originals-5  
  3. All American: Rating TV-14; Spencer Paysinger struggles with handling his two worlds. He plays football in Beverly Hills, but his family and friends live in Crenshaw. The series is inspired by the life of pro football player, Spencer Paysinger. Seasons-2 (3 is coming soon)
  4. Fate: The Winx Saga: Rating TV-MA; Five fairies go to school at Alfea, a fairy boarding school, to learn how to control their powers. They must navigate love, rivalries, monsters, and family drama while trying to stay alive. Seasons-1 (confirmed for season 2)
  5. Stranger Things: Rating TV-14; A young boy disappears from a small town. Mysteries are exposed when experiments are uncovered. Supernatural creatures come to life and a group of friends must save each other and their town. Seasons-4 (5 is coming soon)