Spring Sports Preview: What to Watch

James Jenkins

   As winter sports are being wrapped up, athletics have begun to start moving into the spring season. Some of the long awaited spring sports include  baseball, spring football, softball, track and field, and tennis. With new coaches and athletes we should be excited to see what CDS has to bring to the field. 

   Spring football seems to be the most prominent sport due to the new coaching staff.  This includes  the new head coach, Marshall Mcduffie. Two years ago the football team was at a loss for wins,  seeking hope for a victory in the upcoming years.  The school was expecting to flip the script by ending the season with a record of 10-0,  due to the addition of top athletes from around the country, but, the team had fallen short of their goal, ending the regular season with a record of 5-5. Even though they fell short of their goal they saw major improvement in the program and kept  the hope that with a new coaching staff would come  an undefeated season.  

   The baseball team had their first game of the season on Saturday, Feb. 20, a loss against IMG Academy Blue. This year, the team is hoping to do better than last year’s record of 0-8.  Their biggest game of the season will be against Berkeley Preparatory School. Berkeley makes quite the formidable opponent due to the fact that last year, they finished in the top 25 teams in the nation.   

   A new sport is coming to CDS: lacrosse. Everyone was eager  to see senior Cody Calkins and the rest of the lacrosse team, but their first game against Berkeley was postponed because of Covid-19 issues. 

   The girls and boys tennis teams faced off with Bishop Mclaughlin Catholic High School on March, 9. In 2019, the girls team were undefeated, so the fans should be ready to see the same out of this group of players. 

   Another undefeated team was the girls flag football team, ending their short season last year with a record of 3-0. They are hoping to see the same results in the winning column this year as well. Their first game of the season was on March 2 against Bishop Mclaughlin Catholic. 

   Track and Field will start their season soon to place top 5 in each  of their meets.