Trashcans, Suitcases, and Buckets Galore!

Nicki Ragan
Riot worked hard during the pep rally to get the Patriots excited for the Homecoming game on Friday!

This Thursday’s theme for spirit week was “Anything but a Backpack.” This theme inspired students to bring their books, binders, and pencils to school in “anything but a backpack.” The school was decorated with students carrying around trash cans, wagons, laundry baskets, and plastic bags as creative vessels for their school supplies.
Each grade level also decorated their assigned halls in their assigned colors in hopes of beating the other grades. The seniors came through as the overall winners for decorating their hallway.
Thursday was also the host for the school’s first pep rally since the onset of COVID. Students congregated in the gym to watch performances from the cheerleaders and competitions between fellow students.